Z-Aquatics is a Melbourne-based online store that specialises in growing and cultivating an assortment of aquatic plants, aiming to supply great quality plants at affordable prices to aquarium enthusiasts and hobbyists. We possess an immense appreciation for the natural beauty and benefits of nature, and this passion drives our philosophy in sharing this aquatic marvel with the rest of Australia.

Prior to starting Z-Aquatics, I grew plants in a bid to enhance the aesthetics and biodiversity of my aquarium, converting it into a unique piece of living art. It was not too long after that I found myself with a surplus of plants, and so I began to sell and trade the excess on eBay under Z-Aquatics. It was at this stage that my hobby turned in passion.

That passion continues to grow and today, Z-Aquatics has expanded to cultivate even more plant varieties. The website was launched towards the end of 2014 in hopes of sharing my appreciation of the natural aquatic world with more people in Australia. It was during this time that the product range offered by Z-Aquatics also expanded to include a product range beyond live plants. These products serve to enhance and ease the aquarium keeping experience.

For any enquiries, please contact me at info@z-aquatics.com.au