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The AZOO FERTI-STICK has a high concentration of macro and micronutrients that are suitable for aquatic plants. It slowly releases nutrients in a continuously manner to ensure optimum plant health. Applying is very simple; just dig the stick into the substrate.

Manufactured with the latest technology, the FERTI-STICK is very efficient. One stick can successfully fertilise a small carpet of your favourite foreground plant. The sticks can also be broken into many pieces and spread around. The effects should be visible after a few days.

Guide to how many FERTI-STICKs to use:

  • 1 stick for medium sized plants such as Echinodorous and Cryptocorynes
  • 2 sticks for large plants, placed on both sides of the plant roots
  • 1 stick for a group of fast growing plants
  • 2 or more sticks for a large group of plants, 15cm apart
  • ½ to 1 stick for small plants growing separately
  • 1/3 stick at intervals of 5-10cms for foreground plants like Glossostigma

Depending on the plant species and growth conditions, each FERTI-STICK should last for 2-3 months. The deeper it is placed to the bottom of the roots, the longer the effects will last. Please ensure that the FERTI-STICKs are completely dipped into the substrate to avoid algae growth.

1 pack contains 30 pieces


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