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Eleocharis ‘Belem’ is a low growing hairgrass species that is an ideal plant for both large and small aquariums. This plant spreads by sending out runners that can quickly cover the substrate. Eleocharis ‘Belem’ is a popular choice amongst hobbyists especially in smaller tanks for its diminutive size compared to regular hairgrass. Simply separate into little clumps and plant them it into the substrate. Over time the plant will form lawn in the aquarium.

Tissue culture plants are grown in sterile conditions so they are guaranteed to be free from pests, algae and pathogens. To use just simply rinse off the nutrient medium gel, split the plants into portions, and plant the portions into the aquarium. 

Each cup is 75mm in diameter. 
Tissue culture plants can be kept its sealed container for some time (even weeks) before planting. However it is recommended to use the plants right away as they will be in better health. Keep in a cool place, out of bright light.




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