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Up Aqua Shrimp Sand 2kg is ideal for shrimp sand substrates that will help with the kH and pH essential for keeping Shrimp.

  • Not easy disintegration, to reduce labour of reset up aquarium
  • Montmorillonite addition
  • Rich of elements
  • pH value is 6.5 approx.

Up Aqua Shrimp Sand designed for high-class shrimps. This shrimp sand was adopted special formula with refine manufacturing process and through the expert of shrimp-keep to do long time testing, all shrimps not only grew and bred but also increased the survive rate of baby shrimp. It is the best choice of shrimp-keeper.

UP Aqua's new Shrimp Sand is the perfect substrate for shrimp setups.

It contains rich elements especially formulated for shirmps to aid in growth, breeding and increase survival rates in baby shrimp.

Shrimp Sand will buffer pH at around 6.5.

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